can rabbits eat kale


  • Rabbits can eat kale

Can rabbits eat kale?

Some people may ask if it is true that kale is dangerous for rabbits to eat.

The truth is that the rumors about rabbits not being able to eat kale are false.

Kale is actually a very healthy treat to give to your rabbit.  Kale has a lot of fiber, which rabbits need to survive.

If you give your rabbit kale, it is important to only give your rabbit a small amount.  This is because, like all other special foods, too much kale can give your rabbit an upset stomach.

Kale should be a supplement for your rabbit not a main course, meaning that you should give your rabbit some kale on the side, not as its main dish.  This is because rabbits need a variety of nutrients, proteins, and minerals.

Because kale is high in calcium, it is not healthy for your rabbit to eat a lot of it at a time.

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