can rabbits eat tomatoes


  • Rabbits can eat tomatoes
  • Rabbits cannot eat tomato plants

Can rabbits eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes can be eaten by your rabbit without any problems, however the tomato plant is toxic.

Tomato plants, stems, and leaves are toxic for rabbits.  These should not be given to your rabbit, and should be kept out of reach.  Make sure that if you give your rabbit a tomato you take off the stem so there is no green attached to it.

Although tomatoes are safe for rabbits, they are not very healthy.  Tomatoes contain a large amount of sugar, because of this they are fattening, and too many can lead to health problems for your rabbit.

If you give your rabbit some tomatoes you should not give them much.  Since tomatoes are high in sugar, you should only give your rabbit a small slice of a tomato, or a small cherry tomato. You should also not give your rabbit more then one tomato per week.

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